Friday, May 18, 2007

Prayer Request

My daughter, Lisa, called me this morning to request prayer for a dear friend. My son-in-law' cousin, John' fiancee. They are planning to be married in August. She is in her late 20' and has a rare skin disorder. They have admitted her to ICU and right now the doctors are giving her a 60% survival rate. Lisa says she is a very sweet girl and naturally is rather upset of this news.

But I know the Great Physician and he is still in the miracle business!! Please say a prayer for this young woman and their families as they contend with this situation. We know not the plans the Lord has for her life but anything is possible when the Lord is in it!

I thank you....Lisa thanks you....and these families thank you.

The Unpredictable

I don't like to be wearing sandals when it is raining. I don't like the way the water feels on my toes and as it gets in my sandals causing my feet to slip and slide. I don't even like to walk across the yard in sandals if the grass is wet. Yuk!

So the week before last I carried a bag to work that had my umbrella and an extra pair of shoes because the weather man said it was going to rain.....everyday.....all week. Needless to say it didn't.

On Friday I planned to go to Walmart when I got off work. But as the day drug on I had changed my mind. As we were leaving my co-worker, Carolyn, asked me "Are you headed to Walmart?" I said, "No, I think I have talked myself out of it." After all it had started to get dark looking in the clouds north of town like it was fixin to pour down rain, and I hadn't brought my bag of shoes and umbrella. She said, "OK, I was going to show you where something was, cause I am going there."

As I was driving down the road I remembered that my husband was almost out of his favorite BANANA POPS. (That WAS my first thought, but it may have been the Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream that I was wanting that made me change my mind.) So I decided to go on to Walmart. Once I parked the car I looked in the door compartment to see if by chance I had an umbrella there. I didn't. Now I ALWAYS have a large umbrella that I keep under the back seat and WHY I didn't think of it at this particular moment....I don't was a senior moment I guess. Maybe I could hurry and beat it back to the car before it starts.

As I was scurrying around gathering the items I needed I could hear it thundering and knew it was going to start raining soon. Great, I have everything I needed and it still isn't raining.

But as I arrived at the checkouts things didn't look so good. You know how it is when you are in a hurry, everyone around you is moving in slow motion.

I am one of those who uses the self-checkout and the first one I went to the woman in front of me looked like it may have been her first time. She didn't have many items but looked very puzzled about the whole process. So I moved on to another. They had too many items. I even went to a checker and her line was too full. Finally as I got to check mine out I could hear it pouring down rain. Ugghhh!!!

I completed my purchases and made my way to the door. I stood between the two sets of doors, along with 7-8 other women, waiting for it to quit raining. The whole time I am standing there I am having a conversation in my head about how "it is only water aren't going to melt.....go ahead make a run for could rain for an hour before it lets up".

I step just outside the door, rethinking my next move. I'm going to go for it! Off I take, pushing the cart and somewhat running to the car. As I arrive at the car I insert the key to unlock the door. Apparently I didn't turn it far enough cause the door won't open. I re-insert the key. Finally it opens.

I jumped into the car to reach around for the umbrella. The door shuts behind me. As I turn to open the door, I see my cart being blown by the wind and headed down the parking lot aisle. Fortunately there weren't as many cars parked at this time. I start praying that it doesn't head for one of the cars.

Now as I am frantic to get my cart I can't open the door. The door knob has not worked inside my car for several months. So I have to start the car, roll down the window and reach around to the outside handle. I thrush open the door, jump out and run to grab my cart before it does damage to somebody' car. By this time it has rained so hard the water is standing about an inch or so in the parking lot. I reach for the cart, turn it around and head back to my car. Thank you Lord for guiding my cart!! I get the groceries loaded into my car, even pushing my cart to the cart corral. I mean at this point, what's a few more raindrops!!

The weather man hadn't mention rain today!!

I get in the car and look down at myself. My shirt is drenched and my hair is flat against my head, wringing wet. I shut the air conditioning off, turn on the heat and head home.

I so hoped Carolyn wasn't standing at the door watching me run through the rain and chasing my cart!

About a mile down the road it has quit raining!

As I pull down the driveway my husband is just getting home and he comes around to unload the groceries for me. He makes a comment about how wet I am. We go into the house and he says, "Boy it must have rained hard cause these bags have water standing in them!" Da...ya think!!!! (And I made this trip for HIS Banana Pops!!!)

Life, and weather, are so unpredictable!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mother's Day Giveaway

Jules over at Everyday Mommy is giving away a free Typepad or Blogger design!! What a wonderful Mother's Day gift!! Spring has arrived for almost everyone, summer is around the corner.....what better time for a fresh, new look for your blog!!!

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