Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween, Supper, and Hand mixer

Have you ever tried this?

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I may be a little behind the times, but I just discovered this product the other day. My husband is not a picky eater and is happy with anything you would fix for him. But he really liked this and I loved it because it is so simple. Any dish that is quick and simple is great in my book!

Everything you need is in this box. I actually took pictures as I was preparing it, however since the sauce was so white and the seasoning too, it didn't exactly show up very well so it didn't it look as appealing as it tasted. If you like Italian food, and fettucine alfredo is one of them, I think you will like this.

Last year I had to throw away a little "avocado" mixer I had gotten for a wedding present back in 1972. I couldn't believe it had lasted this long. So for Christmas this past year I got a new heavy duty mixer. I didn't realize I was going to miss my other mixer that I was able to keep in the drawer in my kitchen for those smaller mixing tasks. So this is what my son got me for my birthday earlier this month.

From this angle I think it looks like something out of "The Jetson's".

Don't you see the ears (beaters), the eyes and look at that dark hair??

Friday, October 26, 2007

I love days off!

It is rather chilly here again this morning (50 degrees when I woke up). It is 9:00 am and is still only 52. Another rainy, cloudy day, although the wind isn't blowing as much as it has been this week. Whew! It's still a great day because I have taken the day off!

I am trying to finish up some things around the house so we can complete our living room project. I was off Wednesday too and painted some baseboard and trim, the stair risers and some exterior doors. I have moved a tall storage cabinet and now I have to put all the items back in it. Of course there is laundry to be done as well. I also want to set up a play room.

There are just plenty of things to be done around here and I'm not going to bore you with all of them. I will let you know which ones I do complete, just so you don't think I sat around watching the tv, eating bon bons!

I got the desk moved out of the new playroom and set up the toys in it. I washed 3 loads of laundry. I emptied out a 4-drawer filing cabinet and got it moved into my office. I've got files to move out of one cabinet and put in it. I got the storage cabinet stuff put back in. I have a table in my office that I use for my Mary Kay skin care classes, etc. and it was piled full of stuff and I got it cleared off.

I also managed to make Jim a pot of pinto beans and some cornbread for lunch.....along with a good onion, some tomato and he was happy!

I thought I would share this video someone had sent to me awhile ago.

I think he did an awesome job! I especially liked the little ones hand holding onto the grownups hand.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


As you may know up till a few years ago our family travelled full-time spreading the message of Jesus Christ through country gospel music. So music has been a large part of our lives and we especially enjoy it when we can all get together to sing and play music. I must mention that our normal bass player, Kyle, and his wife, Leslie, who also sings, is not present here because they live in Georgia. So this is the most of our group that you will get together on a moments notice.

Our daughter Lisa has a friend, Regina, who lives in Missouri and has family in Mississippi. She had recently made a trip to Mississippi and was on her way back home and stopped here to visit Lisa and meet the rest of the family. Regina loves to sing, although she prefers more of a jazz style. This time I just sat back and enjoyed the singing.

Seated on the left is my husband Jim, then son Paul, Regina, and Lisa playing bass.

It truly was a night I enjoyed, not all because of the music and fellowship, but meeting Regina too. It was obvious she really loves to sing too!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Danny, Lisa and Flea Markets

Our daughter, Lisa, and her husband, Danny live in a nearby town and are wanting to move here. So we are converting an area of our home into an apartment for them. As some of you know she has had some medical issues that have escalated these past few months, and most recently her migraines have become very severe. Through the course of this she made several visits to the emergency room, and was finally hospitalized. However, if still wasn't until she was back home again that she got some relief from a 35 day+ migraine. Therefore it would be very difficult for her to keep their home "show" ready when you have migraines such as these. This way they can "stage" their home for showings and she will be near those who love and can care for her, if the need arises. She is a housewife, but he works 12 hour days on a swing shift for a steel manufacturer, so this way she will have people near her all the time.

I mentioned all that to say this. Because they are bringing very minimal furniture there are a few items Lisa would like to find to use here. They are planning to bring the bed they have in their guest room so they were needing a couple of very inexpensive nightstands. Thus began the flea market search for just that. First of all we found this cabinet for $10. It is in rather good shape except that someone has painted it and there is one spot on the top that the veneer has wrinkled. But it is very solid otherwise and I thought a rather interesting piece. They are going to set a small tv on it in their bedroom area.

Sunday we spent the afternoon shopping in the nearby flea markets. Finally the last one we visited had this. It was a $12 find and perfect for a nightstand.

We're both looking forward to more flea market shopping for a few other pieces that they would like to have.

Since it has started getting a little cooler here, we topped the evening off with a nice bowl of home-made chili!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Trust in the Lord with all Thine Heart.....

Proverbs 3:5 - Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on your own understanding.

Today I was mowing on the tractor and I had my 4-1/2 year-old grandson, Ethan, riding with me. He was sitting on my lap and I had my arms wrapped around him so he wouldn't fall or anything. The longer we rode the more relaxed his body become. (Which didn't necessarily make it any easier on his Gannie, but nonetheless he was relaxed). I began to think about how trusting he was of me and how, as adults, we should be as trusting with our heavenly Father. Time after time the Lord shows us how he loves us, protects us, guides us, etc. But some of us have to learn this each and every time.

As he became even more relaxed he began to lean on me more. Do I lean on the Lord like I should?

Finally Ethan collapsed in my arms, laying his head on my chest, and falling asleep. At that moment I thought of how so many times in our life we only collapse in our Saviour' arms after we have exhausted everything we as carnal minds can think of to make our situations better. Again, He has shown us numerous times that He is in control of our lives and we know that His way will far surpass anything we could have imagined. So why can't we Trust in Him with all thine heart, just as he wants us to?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Birthday, mums, kids and giveaways!

I just remembered I needed to change my profile.....another birthday rolled around!

Between all the rain we have had this week and the sun setting earlier I've gotten behind on my mowing. It already looked like I was baling hay earlier this week, and now we have had more rain. I had spent most all of last Saturday mowing and didn't get half-way done. So it looks like I'm going to be spending this Saturday doing the same.

We planted some mums last weekend as a border on the side of our driveway. I had a couple of yellow ones, some beautiful deep burgundy and a couple of gorgeous magenta color. This is basically the beginning of our landscaping since we built this home in 1999. A friend of mine is going to give me some monkey grass early next week. And we had also planted a couple of shrubs on each side of the garage ramp.

We are awaiting the arrival of our almost 5 year-old grandson, Ethan. They grow up so fast.

My youngest son, Kyle called the other day to inform me of what my 2-1/2 year-old granddaughter did at school.

They live in Georgia so we don't get to see her very often. Everytime she is around us she seems so quite and timid, although not necessarily shy. However to hear her parents she is a handful. Actually on the 2nd day of school she got to be the "Happy Helper" of the day. Well the teacher was asking all the children to sit down and this one little boy "Tucker" (who goes to her grandma's daycare) wouldn't sit down. So she goes over and pushes him into his seat. Needless to say she then got to sit in the "Sad Seat".

Well on Wednesday her and this same boy, "Tucker" (who is a little younger than her but much larger) were evidently fighting over a block. He apparently gets her down and is laying on her. Naturally she can't fight him off so she bites him. Enough to draw blood! Once again she got in trouble....Tucker did too. Kyle said he was going to have to talk to her when he got home that night. He wasn't sure just what he was going to do, after all she was using the only defense she could probably muster up, with him laying on her. I haven't heard yet just how that discipling was handled.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and 5 Minutes for Mom is giving away this Casio Pink EX-Z75 digital camera. You can get all the details here.

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