Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm So Excited!!!

About a month ago I registered for a Women's Conference that is being held at a church in a nearby town. I wanted to attend this conference because the guest speaker is LISA WHELCHEL!!

I have been reading Lisa's "Coffee Talk" journal for several years and I never dreamed I would one day be able to hear her speak.

Many of you will remember her from the Facts of Life show.

I admire what she has accomplished over the years as a wife, mother, speaker and author. Every week she openly shares her thoughts, frustrations, ideas, love, etc. for all to see. She just seems so down-to-earth and has truly been an inspiration to me.

I'm also excited because......

I not only get to hear Lisa Whelchel speak, but my daughter, Lisa P., is going to attend this with me. I expect it to be a weekend full of laughter, tears and growth in spirit!

I've been looking forward to this so much and it is fast approaching!

If your interested in learning more about Lisa Whelchel you can go here, or if you want to see if she is visiting a city near you check here

Woodside Bible Church

I just had to share this with you.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I was visiting Barb over at A Chelsea Morning and decided to participate in her Homemaking Meme.

Aprons - Y/N? I have a couple of them. One is dark maroon that was my son's when he worked in a grocer. I use it on occassion.

Baking - Favorite thing to bake? I don't know that I have a favorite! If I'm baking I'm usually happy. I bake pies, cakes, bread pudding, cookies, cobblers...

Clothesline - Y/N? I don't have a clothesline per se, but I do love the smell of sheets and bed coverings that have dried outside. I like the towels too, but they end up stiff. But yesterday I draped a table skirt over a lawn chair cause I wanted to dry it outside.

Donuts - Ever made them? I have made them a couple of times from biscuit dough.

Everyday - One homemaking thing you do everyday? We make our bed every morning, without fail.

Freezer - Do you have a separate deep freezer? Yes, it's a small one though.

Garbage Disposal - Y/N? No.

Handbook - Y/N? The Bible is my only handbook.

Ironing - Love it or hate it? I don't love or hate it. If I have a TV or some company I enjoy it more. But I definitely like the way things look when ironed. I iron my husband's work shirts, not the t-shirts, just the button down ones as well as mine.

Junk Drawer - Where is it? What actually constitutes a junk drawer? The drawers in my kitchen all pertain to kitchen stuff, so it wouldn't be in there. I have a rather messy drawer in my husband's night stand but it is mostly medicine (i.e. sinus medicine, aspirin, throat lozenges, cold/flu). Maybe the closest thing to a junk drawer would be at my desk as it has more of a variety of items in it.

Kitchen - Design and decorating? I like the Tuscany style but mine doesn't look like that. I guess I just like it clean and the counters not cluttered.

Love - What is your favorite part of homemaking? I really enjoy taking care of my home and family (husband). It was just more enjoyable when I wasn't working though.

Mop - Y/N? Yes definitely.

Nylons - Wash them by hand or in the washer? I can't even remember when I wore any last!
But when I did I washed them in the washer.

Oven - Do you use the window or open it to check? Open it.

Pizza - What do you put on yours? I haven't made pizza since my kids were in junior high, but I like mine cheese, with extra cheese, or onions and bell-peppers, or spinach or Greek specialty pizza.

Quiet - What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? Let's see....quiet time...hmmmm. I guess it would depend on if I thought it was going to last for only a moment or an hour or two. If it was only momentarily I would probably just lay on the bed watching HGTV and just relax.

Recipe card box - Y/N? Well I have about 3 or 4, although they aren't necessarily full. One of them was my moms and one my grandmas. Several years ago I decided to put all my favorite recipes into a binder and I could type them several to a page rather than hand-write on a card, that way I didn't have to search through several different books looking for the recipe I used. So I use it regularly. The others are for when I'm looking for something different to cook.

Style of house - It's a 10,000+ sq ft home in a "Gone With the Wind" plantation style.

Tablecloths and napkins - Y/N? I have both, but usually use paper towels.

Under the kitchen sink - Cleaning products.

Vacuum - How many times a week? I vacumned yesterday so that's once this week. But I still have to do the upstairs.

Wash - How many loads do you do a week? I guess a normal week would be about 5 or 6.

X'es - Do you keep a list of things to do and cross them off? Are you kidding, at my age if I don't write it down I will NOT remember!!! But I love crossing them off.

Yard - Who does what? As I've mentioned before we mow several acres, so the mowing is shared between my oldest son and me. Although Jim helps out on occassion.

ZZZ's - What is your last homemaking task for the day? I like my kitchen to be cleaned because the last thing I want facing me first in the morning is a sink full of dirty dishes and cluttered counter tops.

If you decide to participate please leave a comment and I will read yours.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

February 14th, Valentines Day!!!

Need an inexpensive idea for a romantic Valentine's Day?

Shalee has set up Mr. Linky for you to check out numerous ideas for a romantic Valentine's Day! After reading mine go on over and find one that will work for you!

Although my husband and I are in our mid 50's and our children are grown, we still enjoy any time we can have together away from the stress and pressures of our jobs and activities. If we are needing time away and our budget is limited we get in our truck and head to Wendy's.

Well first of all who doesn't like their Frosty's!!

We go to the drive-thru and order a regular Jr. hamburger, regular fries, I get a sodie (that's soda to some of you), and then two large Frosty's. All this for less than $9.00! The Wendy's we go to is joining a grocery store parking lot on a hillside. We find a parking spot away from the other cars and sit and enjoy our meal. What we like about this is that we aren't as distracted from the goings on in the restaurant so we really LISTEN to each other and enjoy the conversation. It just seems more relaxing and "young" I guess. We can laugh and stuff and people aren't looking at you wondering if we're laughing at them.

Sometimes in the summer we do this 2-3 times a week. Well it may be more for the Frosty after the 2nd time!!

For more great ideas go here.

Thanks Shalee for this great way of sharing ideas!

Friday, February 02, 2007

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