Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm So Excited!!!

About a month ago I registered for a Women's Conference that is being held at a church in a nearby town. I wanted to attend this conference because the guest speaker is LISA WHELCHEL!!

I have been reading Lisa's "Coffee Talk" journal for several years and I never dreamed I would one day be able to hear her speak.

Many of you will remember her from the Facts of Life show.

I admire what she has accomplished over the years as a wife, mother, speaker and author. Every week she openly shares her thoughts, frustrations, ideas, love, etc. for all to see. She just seems so down-to-earth and has truly been an inspiration to me.

I'm also excited because......

I not only get to hear Lisa Whelchel speak, but my daughter, Lisa P., is going to attend this with me. I expect it to be a weekend full of laughter, tears and growth in spirit!

I've been looking forward to this so much and it is fast approaching!

If your interested in learning more about Lisa Whelchel you can go here, or if you want to see if she is visiting a city near you check here


Barb said...

Lisa is amazing. I'd love to meet her. She and my niece Sarah are friends. How blessed you and your daughter are to get to do this together.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I tell you, not to brag, but just to cement, I've been in her home for lunch a couple of times, shes the real deal, genuine as they come. Hope you have a wonderful time. xoxoox

Jungle Mom said...

Found you through CMB. I wish I could go to that conference!hello from Venezuela, by the way.