Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fall, Foliage and Ten Minutes from Normal

Every year I am amazed at the palette of beautiful color that the Lord blesses us with. It's breathtaking!

Yippee! I have finally finished a book!!

I started this book about a year ago. It's not that it wasn't interesting, it's that I had trouble finding the time to read.

"The rule of thumb in any White House is that nobody is indispensable except the president," said The New York Times, "but Karen Hughes has come as close to that description as any recent presidential aide." Karen Hughes has worked beside President George W. Bush since, as she says, "the motorcade was only one car and he was sometimes the one driving it." As counselor to the president, she brought the working mom's perspective to the White House, often asking of President Bush's policies, "What does this mean for the average person?"Yet the move from Texas to Washington was hard on her family, and in a controversial, headline-making decision that reverberated across America, she summoned the courage to say, "Mr. President, I love you, but I need to move my family home to Texas." There, Hughes continues to advise the president, where the kitchen wall calendar marks the State of the Union message side by side with her son's orthodontist appointments."

I wasn't interested in this book because I am not a political person. Rather I was curious about the woman who had strived to acquire such a significant position only to choose a life in Texas, teaching Sunday School, and being with her family.

"Told in Karen Hughes's disarmingly down-to-earth, warm, often funny, and frank voice, the book is a remarkable blend of an ordinary woman's life, with all its compromises and everyday decisions, and a keenly insightful look at American politics and America's forty-third president."

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