Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween, Supper, and Hand mixer

Have you ever tried this?

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I may be a little behind the times, but I just discovered this product the other day. My husband is not a picky eater and is happy with anything you would fix for him. But he really liked this and I loved it because it is so simple. Any dish that is quick and simple is great in my book!

Everything you need is in this box. I actually took pictures as I was preparing it, however since the sauce was so white and the seasoning too, it didn't exactly show up very well so it didn't it look as appealing as it tasted. If you like Italian food, and fettucine alfredo is one of them, I think you will like this.

Last year I had to throw away a little "avocado" mixer I had gotten for a wedding present back in 1972. I couldn't believe it had lasted this long. So for Christmas this past year I got a new heavy duty mixer. I didn't realize I was going to miss my other mixer that I was able to keep in the drawer in my kitchen for those smaller mixing tasks. So this is what my son got me for my birthday earlier this month.

From this angle I think it looks like something out of "The Jetson's".

Don't you see the ears (beaters), the eyes and look at that dark hair??

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