Thursday, January 15, 2009

2008 Update

Well I can't believe I totally missed posting a single blog during the 2008 year!! I will try to bring you up-to-date. I am over 50 so my memory fails me.....a lot!

Sometime in April or so my husband and I started building a music theater here on the farm. I know your wondering why people would want to drive way out in the country to go to a theater, but our farm isn't really a farm anymore, we just keep referring to it as that cause its been in the family for so long. It has become rather populated all around us except for the acreage we have. It is located about 2 miles outside of the city limits. It really is easily accessible and near a major highway.

My husband has been involved in music all his life and this is a dream for him. We want to bring a little of Branson, MO to our area of Arkansas. The theater will have a seating capacity of 1500, including a balcony. We are very excited about this project. It will feature a gospel night, probably on Thursdays and on Saturdays the music will be a mixture of positive country and gospel. Here are a few pictures and I will post more throughout the construction.

It started out with this.

Then we broke ground.

We dug for the footing.

It took long days of extreme heat and over a month to hand-build all the trusses. We had to have 83 trusses that were 70' long. It was quite a job!

Progress going well.

Yes, things were looking good.

Until this......

Hurricane Ike hit northeast Arkansas.

And blew down the second story!

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