Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Storm

Tuesday night the weather was getting bad with the ice and snow. We opened our windows and stuck our heads out and you could hear the trees snapping and falling all throughout the woods on the farm and even across the street. Fortunately we don't have any large trees close enough to our house. You can see in the woods area many of the tree tops have snapped and fallen and there is bare tree showing. We have lost several of the Bradford Pear trees that lined our driveway.

We have been so blessed during this ice storm. While so many homes and businesses are without power, we have never lost ours. Our daughters home has been off for 2 days. My father-in-law also hasn't had power for 2 days but he has a generator which he can keep his fridge going, plus they have gas heat so they are staying warm. My mother-in-law lives in senior citizen apartments and they have no power. She has been staying with us along with a nephew and his wife and daughter. I was suppose to go into work today but we have no power there either.

The crews are working diligently to restore power as fast as they can. They deserve to be praised for their continuing efforts. I know they are weary.

These are some pictures I took yesterday morning.

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