Monday, February 02, 2009

Her First Pedicure.

On one of the days we were doing all this "waiting" for Kialey to arrive, us girls treated ourselves to a pedicure.

Raylynne sat on my lap while we had our feet soakin'. After about 10-15 minutes she decided she wanted to sit on mommy' lap. Unfortunately she didn't have much of a lap at that time, being 9 months pregnant. But Ray had a great time puttin' her feet in the water.

We waited till Kyle got home from work so he could go with us. Not knowing for sure how well Raylynne (she's 3) would handle having to be still and everything, so he went along to help take care of her in case she got antsy.

Raylynne picked out her own polish, which was pink, of course. That's her favorite color. And she even helped mommy by picking out her!

Kyle is holding her feet up while she gets them painted. She really was very good. She even sat for a long time while they had her feet under the dryer thing.

They looked so cute! They even put glitter stuff over the polish

I so wish Kyle could have videoed this whole thing. She was so adorable....even sat with her hands held up, like they were drying, and crossed her legs real feminine-like.

I'm so thankful to have been a part of this day! I wonder if she'll remember it when she gets older.

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