Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sick Kialey...

At three weeks old Kialey was taken by ambulance to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, 45minutes from home. After having several spinal taps, and other types of tests they determined that she has staph meningitis. Very rare, especially for an infant. Only 1% of meningitis cases is staph. Still a puzzle as to how she might have gotten it.

They gave her 7 different antibiotics at a time for a week, then did another spinal tap. Decided to give her another round of antibiotics for another week.

That's when Gannie made a trip to Tallahassee to help out.

Leslie was so exhausted.....after all, she had just had a Caeserian, now having to hold Kialey practially every waken moment....and as you can see, most sleeping moments too . Kyle was able to stay the first 2-3 days and help, then he had to return to work, was taking care of Raylynne after work, plus driving to Tallahasse every night . They were both very exhausted. That doesn't even involve the emotional stress they were going through.

It was very difficult for Gannie and PawPaw being so far away too. I wanted to hold this little one so bad.

You can see on her forehead where they had put the IV in first.

Oh yes, Gannie is right where she needs to be.

After a 2nd week of antibiotics, they did another spinal tap. They had given her several of these spinal taps, but the fluid kept having blood in it, so it was not usable. Then they decided to do an MRI in hopes that it would give a definitive answer as to whether she needed to have yet another week of antibiotics.

Let me tell you that MRI was a scary and stressful moment.....for me!! Leslie let me go down with her, but unbeknownst to either of us, they wanted that person to be in there with her during the MRI. Mind you, they have my precious grandbaby all swaddled up her blanket, and they also wrapped a hospital blanket around her in hopes to keep her from moving. They had her head strapped in as well.

Now I have had an MRI before and I know the loud noises that it produces and I'm standing there thinking "this baby is about to jump out of her skin when that noise starts". The technician also instructed me that should she start to have a reaction I would have to immediately get her out of there. That being because she would have to shut things down and I would be the quickest rescue.

Would you believe she never flinched......

Just as we were about to rearrange her she started crying. They weren't quite through testing her, but I realized it is now feeding time and thats probably why she keeps crying. They had me call Leslie and she brought down a bottle. Leslie took over then. After they were finished Kialey' face got extremely red and small bumps appeared on her face. Quite a concern, but the radiologist checked her out decided she was ok.

Finally, after her team of doctors conversed, a decision has been made.......

We get to go home!!

What a precious thing God has given us.

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