Monday, August 17, 2009

Yeah, the kids are visiting!!

Raylynne has been helping her PawPaw unload the
semi-trailer of theater seats.

We are all heading out to Casa Maya (Mexican) for supper. Are you seeing a pattern with our choice of restaurants?

Just pick up a camera and she's ready!

Kialey is like "do they not know I can't reach that thing".

Lisa is looking frantic.......and Kyle looks like he is
up to something.

If I only knew what she was thinking.

PawPaw's little girl.


Kialey had her 1st Birthday!!

Kialey Caprie
Aug 22, 2008

(Sister wanted to buy her a special cake - yellow one on the right)

What's going on?

Hmmmm....this looks like fun!

Will I get in trouble if I stick my finger in this?

Here I go....!!

Big sister is going to help
(My goodness, look at the grip she's got on her)

This is fun!

Ok, I think I can do it myself now!

Yep....I got it now!

Ok, clothes off, washed up, now presents!!! Yeah!

It looks like she is lovin' on Ethan but I'm not too sure
she isn't fixin' to bite him!

I guess they are just checking each other out.

I almost got them to sit still long enough to get a picture of all of them together.

Cody made it back in time to say goodbye.
And then they were gone...

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