Saturday, August 15, 2009

Short but Sweet.

Kyle and his family are on their way from Georgia. We are actually just a stopping point for them on their way to Illinois. His sister and her family is flying in from the state of Washington so they will all be staying at his dad's.

I am still thrilled even if it is just an overnight stay. Cause they will be back the middle of the week and will then be staying for a few days.

Within a few hours after take-off Kialey was ready for a nap.

Then Kyle texted me and said Leslie was driving the
first shift and send me this picture saying "I'm scared!!" .

But needless to say they made it here safe and sound. Thank you Jesus.

It was short....but sweet. They got headed back out again.

Apparently this is a normal position for her when she sleeps in the car seat.

I bet she could take up a lot of room in the bed!!

In the State of Alabama.....

Ethan is all suited up for his first football game. He is so excited!

Doesn't he make a handsome football player.

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