Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Trusting in Him

This morning I received a phone call from my daughter-in-law, Leslie. I could tell from her voice that while she was excited, she also had apprehension, fears and anxiety.

You see about a year and half ago Kyle and Leslie had put their home up for sale. During that time there were several interested prospects but they never materialized. So after almost a year of disappointment they took the sign down.

She proceeded to tell me they had put the "For Sale" sign back out yesterday. It was her neighbor that had come over and was inquiring about it. He mentioned that his dad was going to buy him a place and wanted to look at theirs. He further explained that they had been looking for a while and couldn't find exactly what they were wanting or they were too expensive. He then spoke to his dad and the dad was going to come look at it tomorrow morning. This is the reason for her feelings of apprehension. Trying not to get her hopes up but wanting it to sell.

Please be in prayer concerning the sale of their home. They have been wanting to move back here for a while now. I know they have been praying about it and trying to follow the Lord' will. Also being accepting of the fact that it may be His will for them to remain where they are.

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