Thursday, July 16, 2009

He's got charisma!!

Paul told us that today he and Ethan went to Walmart and while they were there they got something to eat at the Subway. He said at a table fairly close to where they were sitting was a mom and her two little girls. It was apparent that these two little girls were flirting with Ethan and giggling and smiling at him. He would look over at them with his sly, bashful look that he has which makes his dimple come alive. He said this went on for a few minutes and suddenly Paul looked at Ethan right at the time Ethan glanced at them girls and WINKED!!!

In my mind I could see this picture unfolding. I also have no doubt that the sly, dimpled look that he gave those girls worked a little on their heart too.

Because it works when he uses it on me!!!!

Just look at those dimples!

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