Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jim's Birthday

For Jim's birthday we went to El Acapulco for some delicious Mexican cuisine.

This is what he spent most of the time doing.

Looks like Lonny is hanging on his every word.

We are very serious when it comes to food!

Yippee!! Presents!!

In case you are wondering, Paul is an average size guy, it's a child's chair he is sitting in.

Looks like a sentimental card.

I hope he doesn't cry or we'll all be crying.


We love you!!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to show you the cake. Look reeeaal hard, it's there.

You see I was trying to tip the cake up by myself so I could take a picture, when all of a sudden the cardboard started to slide. So rather than let the cake fall on the floor I tried to catch it with my right hand. Unfortunately this was the hand I had the camera in. I knew that the camera had slightly landed in the icing because I had to wipe it off of the lens thingy ma jig. However, I didn't notice that when I went to take pictures that thingy ma jig that opens and closes on the lens area, wasn't opening very much. So it only took a fraction of the picture.

Trust me, it was a lovely cake.

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