Wednesday, July 15, 2009

He's Just Trying to Help

Today I watched Ethan while his dad ran some errands. I was doing some work in my office when he came in and started scribbling on some paper. I have to watch him though cause he likes to scribble then turn around and make a copy of it.

I'm usually aware that he gets a piece of paper out of the copier tray but I have to listen with one ear while I'm working to make sure he doesn't try to copy it too.

Or I could end up with "10" of these!

I caught him fixing to do just that when I said "Ethan, what are you doing?" He said "Gannie, I need to make a copy!" I said "Well what are you making a copy of?" He opened the copier and showed me it was a blank piece of paper.

I caught him the other day doing that too. So I tried to explain to him that he didn't need to make a copy of a blank piece of paper. He kept saying "But Gannie, your almost out of paper". To which I replied "Exactly, so you don't need to make it run through the copier". He just kept insisting and explaining to me that I didn't have much paper.

Then it dawned on me that perhaps he was wanting to make a copy of the blank paper thinking he was actually making me more paper!!!

Bless his little heart! Isn't he just so sweet to help Gannie like that.

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