Saturday, July 22, 2006

My little portion of Tuscany

When was the last time you met someone and just found them sooooo interesting to talk to you could only hope you might see them again one day? Well for me, it was Thursday. A woman, Ellen, came into our office and in the course of doing our job we found out she was from Italy. Actually she was raised in this town, had lived in Boston for 19 years, and has lived in Italy for the past 11 years.

I've never had much desire to travel abroad, but if there is one place I would like to go to it would be Italy. My office is even decorated in the Tuscan style.

As it turned out, we talked for close to 2 hours, learning a little about the culture, her family, etc. She even mentioned that living in Italy was a lot like being in Arkansas because the people were so friendly. (Ok, your thinking how can you get by talking to someone for 2 hours when your suppose to be working. You have to understand that I work at a family-owned business, and the other woman working with me was one of the owners, and she looooooves to talk.)

As I said, Ellen, was so interesting, and funny. She was like all I could talk about to my husband that night. And even started Friday morning out talking about her. Knowing she was going to be returning Friday to take care of her business, I couldn't wait to talk to her again.

She arrived shortly after we opened, but said she couldn't stay long. Well as I mentioned my co-worked looooooves to talk too, so 2 hours later she was finally leaving.

Ellen may never know how much she brightened our lives those few hours we were with her, talking, laughing and even crying. I can only hope that we brightened hers as well. I believe, without a doubt, that God knew how much I needed this and in His glorious plan our paths were meant to cross. Could this be the beginning of a long friendship, I hope so. People are brought into our lives daily, some for only a moment, others for a lifetime.

I know she will be returning in a week or so to do some more business and I'm already looking forward to it. (Her husband will be with her then, and I already have a vision of what he will look like. BooMama we'll see if I'm accurate on this one).

Maybe you can take the time today to speak to a stranger, even if it's through a smile. It may be the brightness of their day. Or the start of a great friendship.

Life is made of ..........


Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Tuscany is the one and only place I'd love to visit someday. I'm more of a homebody but there's something about Tuscany that sounds so inviting. I think maybe the pace of life. More important is your reminder that even a short connversation (dont think I'll be having a two hour one!) can be important to that other person. I'll be on the lookout for those opportunities as I go through my day. I love your blog - the gentle reminders you give us to grab life, give it all we have, right now. I'll be back for more.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

PS Took a look at your profile - anyone who loves Anne of Green Gables is okay in my book. Did you read the entire series? There are about 8 of them. I took a summer, a few back and read them all. Wonderful!

Melanie said...

What a beautiful tribute to your roots of Arkansas (comment you left for me). You have inspired me for a post! Thank you for sharing your feelings and memories of home.

Brenda said...

Hi, Cheryl. I found you through Melanie. This comment is in reference to your comment on her blog. I was born and raised in Arkansas (grew up in Little Rock)and relocated to Georgia 2 years ago. Most of my family is in AR, so I go "home" quite often, but I always look forward to coming back to my "new" home. I thought I would be homesick for Arkansas, but I honestly have no desire to go back to stay, even though I do have fond memories and family and friends there. I'm sure it's a God thing. I love the feeling that I am where I belong.
Anyway, I'm glad He allowed you to return to your childhood home. He is good, isn't He?

By the way, I know someone you should "meet" if you haven't yet. Her name is Diane, and she's also from Arkansas. Here's her URL:
(I don't know how to do links in comments... yet.)
It's nice to meet you. I'll come back again. Didn't mean to HAWG your comments!