Sunday, October 01, 2006

All In A Day's......

This afternoon Jim and I were going to do some yard work at our rental property just down the hill from where we live. It required some bushhogging (that's mowing with a certain kind of mower thing), some tree limb trimming and some road work with the box blade. (Have you noticed two of these tasks involved the John Deere tractor? That is not a toy but one of those manly tools very necessary to accomplish a job.) Then of course he had to use his chain saw. Also a necessary toy tool.

In order to get these jobs done we had to go purchase some diesel for the tractor. On the way back to the house there were these two cute squirrels in the road ahead and as I was approaching them it was like neither one could decide which direction to go and so I couldn't figure out which direction to go to avoid hitting them. And so I did......hit one. Oh, I felt so bad.

But Jim says "did you hit it for sure?" Looking in my side mirror, I said "Yes". He then asks me to turn around so he can go pick it up. Well I knew he didn't want me to do that so he could get it out of the road. No, he wanted it for supper!

So I cooked him squirrel and made gravy to go with it. Yes, my husband ate roadkill!! I'm sure any avid hunter would appreciate.

While he was thoroughly enjoying his supper, our drummer, Mark, who was fishing in our pond, called to let Jim know he had caught a pretty good size bass. As it turned out it was a 4 lb. bass.
Well you can't have a good fish story without pictures to confirm!

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Ought to make for some good fish eatin!

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