Friday, November 17, 2006

Children's Nativity Set

I purchased this adorable nativity set for each of my young grandchildren and thought some of ya'll may like to purchase it as well. It is designed for children in mind and I thought it would be another great way for a parent to interact with the child in explaining the birth of Jesus.

This is available from Collections etc.

Because of copyrights I wasn't able to include the picture. But this figures really are adorable and while they aren't too big they are large enough for small fingers to hold on to. The coloring is adorable. What I have ordered from this company has been shipped and received within a couple of days.

Child's Nativity Set - Item # 10334

This adorable nativity set is the perfect way for kids to celebrate the season. Set includes all 12 pieces, and is finely reproduced in vinyl, so it's unbreakable and safe for kids. Hand painted. Largest piece measures 4 1/2"H x 2"W x 2"D. Price: $14.99

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Barb said...

This is adorable, Cheryl. I'm actually planning to make an advent calendar for Cameron this year. The calendar itself is a nativity and all the little pieces he'll mark the days until Christmas with are pieces from the nativity. This adorable little nativity is a great gift for a child.

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