Thursday, October 25, 2007


As you may know up till a few years ago our family travelled full-time spreading the message of Jesus Christ through country gospel music. So music has been a large part of our lives and we especially enjoy it when we can all get together to sing and play music. I must mention that our normal bass player, Kyle, and his wife, Leslie, who also sings, is not present here because they live in Georgia. So this is the most of our group that you will get together on a moments notice.

Our daughter Lisa has a friend, Regina, who lives in Missouri and has family in Mississippi. She had recently made a trip to Mississippi and was on her way back home and stopped here to visit Lisa and meet the rest of the family. Regina loves to sing, although she prefers more of a jazz style. This time I just sat back and enjoyed the singing.

Seated on the left is my husband Jim, then son Paul, Regina, and Lisa playing bass.

It truly was a night I enjoyed, not all because of the music and fellowship, but meeting Regina too. It was obvious she really loves to sing too!

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