Monday, October 22, 2007

Danny, Lisa and Flea Markets

Our daughter, Lisa, and her husband, Danny live in a nearby town and are wanting to move here. So we are converting an area of our home into an apartment for them. As some of you know she has had some medical issues that have escalated these past few months, and most recently her migraines have become very severe. Through the course of this she made several visits to the emergency room, and was finally hospitalized. However, if still wasn't until she was back home again that she got some relief from a 35 day+ migraine. Therefore it would be very difficult for her to keep their home "show" ready when you have migraines such as these. This way they can "stage" their home for showings and she will be near those who love and can care for her, if the need arises. She is a housewife, but he works 12 hour days on a swing shift for a steel manufacturer, so this way she will have people near her all the time.

I mentioned all that to say this. Because they are bringing very minimal furniture there are a few items Lisa would like to find to use here. They are planning to bring the bed they have in their guest room so they were needing a couple of very inexpensive nightstands. Thus began the flea market search for just that. First of all we found this cabinet for $10. It is in rather good shape except that someone has painted it and there is one spot on the top that the veneer has wrinkled. But it is very solid otherwise and I thought a rather interesting piece. They are going to set a small tv on it in their bedroom area.

Sunday we spent the afternoon shopping in the nearby flea markets. Finally the last one we visited had this. It was a $12 find and perfect for a nightstand.

We're both looking forward to more flea market shopping for a few other pieces that they would like to have.

Since it has started getting a little cooler here, we topped the evening off with a nice bowl of home-made chili!

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