Friday, October 26, 2007

I love days off!

It is rather chilly here again this morning (50 degrees when I woke up). It is 9:00 am and is still only 52. Another rainy, cloudy day, although the wind isn't blowing as much as it has been this week. Whew! It's still a great day because I have taken the day off!

I am trying to finish up some things around the house so we can complete our living room project. I was off Wednesday too and painted some baseboard and trim, the stair risers and some exterior doors. I have moved a tall storage cabinet and now I have to put all the items back in it. Of course there is laundry to be done as well. I also want to set up a play room.

There are just plenty of things to be done around here and I'm not going to bore you with all of them. I will let you know which ones I do complete, just so you don't think I sat around watching the tv, eating bon bons!

I got the desk moved out of the new playroom and set up the toys in it. I washed 3 loads of laundry. I emptied out a 4-drawer filing cabinet and got it moved into my office. I've got files to move out of one cabinet and put in it. I got the storage cabinet stuff put back in. I have a table in my office that I use for my Mary Kay skin care classes, etc. and it was piled full of stuff and I got it cleared off.

I also managed to make Jim a pot of pinto beans and some cornbread for lunch.....along with a good onion, some tomato and he was happy!

I thought I would share this video someone had sent to me awhile ago.

I think he did an awesome job! I especially liked the little ones hand holding onto the grownups hand.

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