Sunday, January 07, 2007

Gettin' Ready

My son, Lonny, is so proud of me. Why you say? Because it is only the 6th of January and I have already started working on things for my taxes. Yes, Saturday I began getting my office organized for the new year and starting pulling things together to be ready for our taxes.

Jim is a contractor and I do all the bookkeeping, plus we have a couple of apartment buildings, and my Mary Kay business that I have to get everything ready to file for.

Just so you don't think I sit around twiddling my thumbs when I don't have any work to do on those projects....since my step-father-in-law passed away last year I also oversee my MIL's finances; and don't forget I have an outside office job.

Anyway today my office looks ransacked, with folders everywhere, papers, etc. And if you read an earlier post I mentioned that I really like to be organized especially when it comes to my office. So I am about to lose my mind here.....just having the mess.

The good thing is I get to start fresh with the new year. Clean, neat folders in there place.

Let's remember Rob and Barb these next few days as Rob undergoes surgery Monday for his shoulder. This ordeal has been a trying time for Barb (and Rob) but as she is leaning on the Lord, she is experiencing faith, comfort, and peace. Our prayers go out to them.

I had asked for a pressure cooker for Christmas and my daughter and her husband got one for me. Yesterday I cooked beans in it and made some cornbread. It made me a little nervous for fear that I would cook them dry and the pan would explode. But my boss uses one all the time at work making different things and it amazed me that he could come in and start cooking beans at 11:00 in a pressure cooker and we could eat them for lunch at 12:00. Or cook meat in a much shorter time than normal. If anyone has any good recipes that they use their pressure cooker for I would appreciate you sharing them with me.

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Barb said...

Good for you, Cheryl, getting such an early start. Ugh. We always put this off. I don't think we'll have to worry about paying THIS year, LOL.

Thank you for the kind words. It's taken me so long to get around to visit my friends that it's now Tuesday night and Rob is home and fairly comfortable. Stoned half to death on pain drugs, but comfortable. If he's not comfortable, I don't think he knows it.

Pressure cookers just scare the bee jeebs out of me. I wish I could get over it. My 82 year old father uses his all the time for pete's sake. What a big chicken I am!