Saturday, January 13, 2007

Look What We're Gettin'

I posted this picture of our front yard and pond a few months ago. Actually you are looking more to the right of our house. It is rather green and pretty. Take a note of where the water is in connection with the large shrub in the left side of the picture.

Here is another view looking left of our porch, towards the driveway.

Now your probably wondering why I am pointing all this out to you. Well unless you live in Arkansas or the borders thereof, you probably don't notice much about the weather here. We have already had so much rain the last few weeks and now it has been raining for the past 2 days and will continue through tomorrow. The average rainfall in January is 3.29 inches. They were calling for 7 inches this weekend.

So this is what our front yard looks like this afternoon. Notice the large shrub and the water surrounding it.

The pond again, as well as all the water standing in the yard by our porch.

There's a driveway on the other side of our pond. It runs right next to that big tree on the left, and then you can see what looks like another pond. Well that collection of water is not normally there. It is flooded right now though.

Did you notice amidst all this rain and flooding, the gift that the Lord gave us?

Sometimes we dwell on the trials and hardships we are facing and can not see what the Lord has done for us. Oh I am so guilty of this. Once I can give it to the Lord I can step back, become relaxed knowing He is in charge, and then I can see He was there all the time, working things out, caring for me, blessing me and I find comfort in Him.

If you didn't see it, look again!

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