Monday, January 15, 2007

Prayer Request

First I would like to ask prayer for a friend of mine. Her 19 year-old son and his girlfriend had a beautiful baby boy, Tyler, about a week ago. However, he had walked out on this girl about a week before Christmas and wasn't there for the delivery. She was rather upset, but mostly hurt. He did go see him the 2nd day and has some since then. My friend feels that he may be using drugs, and is partying and putting those things in front of the family situation. Please remember them all in your prayers as they each have a burden in this situation. This precious baby deserves so much more.

I know a great Healer of all things and that He can turn this completely around at any given moment.

Ethan, our grandson, is 4 years-old today!!

He is in Alabama and they are having a party for him on Saturday. He loves balloons so PawPaw and Gannie had bunches of birthday balloons delivered to him today. He was so excited when he called. It is always a rather one-sided conversation. He talks, rambling from one subject to another, not waiting to hear your answer or ask him a question. He is so funny. I love seeing him so excited.

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