Friday, June 12, 2009

The Big Night!!

After showering and some sleep, hey, we're ready to go again!!

While we were at the hotel "Daddy" made it home.

Kialey is starting to loosen up a little.

By the time we went to get some lunch and came back it was time for Raylynne to get her hair and makeup done for the recital.

They had to have their hair in ringlets and Ray's hair is real fine, so Leslie had to use about 3 different gels and goops and plaster it with hairspray.

They didn't allow flash pictures to be taken during the recital, but Leslie got this one during rehearsal one day.

Raylynne loves ladybugs, so she was so thrilled when she found out one of her dances included a ladybug costume.

This routine was "Mary Had A Little Lamb". They all had these little stuffed white lambs they carried and hugged. This picture was actually taken after the recital but she had to get re-dressed for an award portion of the program, so Leslie got this picture then.

They have a more experienced teen that does the routine along with them. Although Ray looks rather petrified, she wasn't the least bit nervous and she stayed focused on the teen instructor.

Well I have to admit the whole thing just brought tears to my eyes. She was so cute. Kyle says she loooves to sit and watch the older girls when they do their routines. She is just mesmerized.

She got done with her two routines about 9:15. But they found out then that she had to stay for the award portion. So we went on to the hotel for some good ole sleep.

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