Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Such A Good Wife Am I....

I got my husband one of these. (Who am I kidding, I'll be the one to use it.)

I don't drink coffee so I guess it really never occurred to me to get one before. Then I read in my newest magazine "Shop Smart"

that they recommend this coffee grinder, the Mr. Coffee Model IDS77, and for less than $20. I always thought they were more expensive than that. Like I said I'm not altogether up on coffee things.

So I bought one....... along with


He was so impressed with the fact that I did something so special just for him.

Ha! (Trust me....he is very spoiled.)

Although I wasn't sure if he would like it or not, he thought it was very delicious. He does love a good cup of coffee but he's not into the different flavors and such. I was worried it would be too strong coming from freshly ground beans. It was a hit!

This gadget was very simple to use. You put in some beans and there is a button on the lid that you push and it grinds it in just a few seconds.

Jim also loves these.

1.5 g fat

Lonny, my oldest son, had bought some of these several weeks ago and asked if Jim would want them. He said they were too rich for him. Jim absolutely loves these. He usually eats 2 if not 3 at a time. (and no he doesn't have a fat cell on his body!! It's disgusting). They really are very good. The ice cream is creamy and smooth. It doesn't taste at all like something dietary.

I even picked up some of the ice cream cones.

Very delicious as well. And look folks, all of these products are low fat!

Here is Ethan, doing what he loves to do most......hitting golf balls into the pond!

My work is done!

Then we decided to watch the video "Drumline". If it has anything to do with music, he will probably like it. (Hmmm....wonder where he gets that from). His uncle plays drums and his Grandpa sings in a gospel group, and his dad, Aunt Lisa, Bubby and PawPaw are all active in music.

Everything was going good.....until he climbed in my lap.....then

it was all over!

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