Friday, June 05, 2009

My Little Princess

A couple of weeks ago Lisa and I went to some flea markets and I found this adorable Tiara for $1 that I thought Raylynne would love to have for "dress-up". It's a real tiara and there is only one stone missing and it's not even noticable. Of course she probably wouldn't have cared anyway.

The package arrived yesterday and her momma sent me these pictures.

Isn't she beautiful!! (Ok, the hairdo may need a little work! Ha!)

Along with the Tiara I found some white gloves, and a black clutch sequined purse. Then last week at some yard sales I find another black clutch and a couple of necklaces. I'm telling ya she is dressed "mighty fine".

All this for less than $10. I like to go to Claire's Boutique too cause they have a clearance section of jewelry and things you can get 10 for $10. Ten jewelry items to a little girl is a lot. She'll wear everything at one time too.

Sometimes she lets PawPaw play too.

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