Friday, June 12, 2009


We left home about 7 pm Thursday evening. Arrived at Kyle's about 7:30 am. We did have to pull over for about an hour and a half for some sleep though. Kyle was having to work til about 2 pm. So we visited with Leslie and the girls for a short time.....well I visited anyway, looks like they napped.

and I'm the one that drove over 9 hours!!!!! Cody drove the last 3 hours

(but I admit they didn't necessarily sleep on the way know, the good kind of sleep anyway.....except when I pulled over.)

Kialey' not sure what to think of everybody. I was there when she was born and a month later when she was in the hospital. But other than that we have only seen them once and she was only 4 months old then.

Oh, Cody is making progress!!

As Chonda Pierce would say, "Isn't she just precious"?

Meanwhile, Raylynne' isn't hesitating.....she has done crawled up in PawPaw's lap and has him reading to her. (Believe me, I think the whole library appeared before we left! Ha!)

PawPaw decides to give it a try.....

Well that didn't work!

So we decided we would get some breakfast on the way to our hotel. Raylynne wanted to go too, cause she loooooves her PawPaw.

She appears to be hungry....

Then she decided it needed a little pepper.

Only that wasn't she added a little more.

Pawpaw tried to convince her she already had entirely too much.

But I guess it was to her liking.......

After we dropped Raylynne off at the house we went on to check-in at the hotel.....and get some long awaited sleep before the recital tonight!!

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