Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our Final Day!

We slept in a little later than normal. I was up first, then Jim and Cody got up. We had our showers, gathered our belongings, (well we got dressed and stuff too) took our luggage out to the truck and went back in and enjoyed our continental breakfast. I had a bagel with cream cheese. Jim had some french toast sticks and just raved about how good they were. They were so good he even ate Cody's. He said he doesn't even like French Toast so I'm wondering why he even put them on his plate???

When we arrived at Kyle's and entered the house, Raylynne almost knocked me down trying to get past me so she could get to her PawPaw. I'm telling ya she is crazy about her PawPaw.

Four years ago when we were in Georgia for Raylynne to be born, Jim had gotten acquainted with Mr. Bible from the airport near them. Yesterday PawPaw had mentioned to Raylynne that we would go to the airport to see if Mr. Bible was there and look at the airplanes. See didn't forget it either. Kyle said that last night before she went to bed she told him that we had left and hadn't taken her to the airport. Kyle explained that we would be back and would probably do it then.

Mr. Bible was there and he picked Raylynne up and sat her in the plane.

Then we had to walk around and look at all the different planes. I'm really leaning more towards thinking that was Jim's idea than hers.

Back to the house for some more visiting.

"Isn't she precious"?

(She is trying to cut some teeth on her upper left side).

PawPaw's going to try again.....

Oh I think it might work.....

Nope, not yet PawPaw!

These guys spent what time they had doing this....

and some of this.....

more of this.....

Meanwhile Kialey needed a little......


and if you like music, lets do some of this...

and even more of this....

If you haven't noticed these two could play music ALL DAY long if you would let them!!!

Cody started playing the keyboard last year and progressed very well. Through the year he began playing the guitar too and recently he discovered he can play the harmonicas also. I guess he gets that ability from his dad. He too, can pick up most any instrument and play it.

Well after you sleep you need some food, so off to McDonald's we go.

And look who wants PawPaw to carry her.

Raylynne's got her hug-lock on PawPaw!

Don't they make those playgrounds for the little kids???

yes, he is asleep!!

It must have been all that driving yesterday...hmmmmm.

I'm sure he is just resting up so he can drive home!

Meanwhile we got in touch with Lisa and Danny. They were headed home from being at Destin, FL all week.

It was difficult as always, but we finally got through saying our goodbyes about 6:00. On the road again.......

We stopped in Troy, AL at the Santa Fe Cattle Co. Steakhouse.

Cody looks tired. All that music they played today.

After a delicious meal we hopped back in the truck and headed down the road.......listening to music ALL the way! This kid is passionate about music. May the Lord bless him and use him!

I had to pull over a couple of times for some rest, so we didn't make it home until about 10:00 Sunday morning. I even took a nap, which is unheard for me. The rest of the time I just walked around like a zombie. I'm looking forward to a good nights sleep.


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