Monday, June 08, 2009

Our Treasure Hunts

A couple of weeks ago, Judy Gail asked me if I would like to go to some yard sales with her. I love to go to flea markets and such so of course I said yes. About mid-morning I discovered this at a yard sale.

When I walked up the carport I was certain it would have a SOLD sign on it. But I looked and couldn't even find a price tag for it. Meanwhile I thinking my daughter, Lisa, might like to have this. So I'm trying to text her and take pictures well EVERYONE that came was looking at it. I was so afraid someone would buy it before I got an answer from Lisa. This one lady asked someone how much it was and the lady told her it was priced in the drawer and she had $130 on it, but would take $100. I was determined then I would buy it myself if Lisa didn't answer me. But she did and she definitely wanted it.

It was in excellent shape, the drawers worked great, the part inside with all the compartments looked great too.

We were pleased.

Lisa decided to meet up with us and continue on for the hunt of treasures. She spotted this before I even made it into the building


(This isn't the exact one she bought because I can't find that picture. The seat on hers was more of a reddish/pink). But this is the style of hers. It turned out to belong to a friend of ours grandmother. So that makes it more special.

After that purchase we went around the corner to a flea market and we found these. A brand new set of Rachel Ray pans.....for $60. They were still in their wrapping, but instead of being a 10-piece set, there were only 8 items. My set was missing a lid for the larger saucepan. Lisa didn't have the smaller skillet. But other than that they are great.

I really like the fact that the handles don't get hot. I'm not sure what they are made of.

The next thing she wanted was this....

.....but it wasn't for sale!! Sorry Lisa.

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