Friday, June 19, 2009

I Finally Did It

I finally did it....I broke down and bought some new silverware. Now I know this may not sound like a big deal to some people but to me it was a long over due task that is now completed.

You see, back when I was in grade school my grandma always shopped at Kroger's. Well remember how they sometimes have those deals when you buy groceries you can purchase dishes, or pans,.......or silverware at a discount price. Well my grandma bought me a whole set of this English Garden china.

and a complete set of silverware.

Now this silverware has been my everyday silverware for over 30 years through the years. Naturally a few pieces got used as screwdrivers disappeared along the way. I had inherited my mom's silverware, and had also gotten some inexpensive pieces till I had nothing but a collage of mismatched silverware. I really wanted some new but I just hated to spend that much money for a good set.

Back at Christmas I had received a gift card from Kohl's, and then recently I got a 20% off coupon at Kohl's. The coupon was about to expire so I headed to Kohl's to go shopping.

Usually I don't have any trouble finding something there to buy, but this particular day I wasn't really in the mood to shop and didn't have anything specific I was looking for. I managed to make my way over to the kitchen section (one of my favorite spots) and I came across their silverware. I thought "this would be a great time to get some new silverware."

I was able to find a style that I liked,

very simple pattern, nothing fancy for everyday.

What a great way to make use of my gift card and coupon!

However, this posed another problem. Now I had to make the switch.

Well anyone with OCD knows you can't just take out one set of silverware and insert the new...right? Also the silverware tray I was using was one that had belonged to my mom. So I purchased a new one as well as some drawer organizers. I was on my way to getting the kitchen drawers cleaned out and organized.

So what once held this

and this....

some of this....

(Did y'all notice the bowl with the cake mix in it and the box covering it up?
That was the cake I was making for Lonny' birthday. Yes in the midst of
preparing for his birthday, I decided to clean out the kitchen drawers.
Can I multi-task or what?)

and more of this.

Now looks like this.....

and this...

and finally this..

I know.... I said I bought a new silverware tray, but it wouldn't fit in my drawer, so I had to go back to using the other one. There's nothing wrong with it except that it is yellow. Not that I don't like yellow, know.

Now this picture is some of the items I threw away. First of all the bag of farm theme cake decorations is, I think, from Kyle's birthday cake back when he was young. He turned 30 in May, I think it's time to get rid of it!

That tube of yellow icing was so hard you would probably break the countertop if you hit it against it. Time for it to go!!

The two brown bag tie thingys is for those oven bags. How I ended up with extra ties I have no idea. Doesn't everybody keep extra water bottle lids around just in case you lose one...and the pickle jar thing? (it's for you to hold and pull up so the pickles come up out of the jar and it's easier to get one). Was I thinking I would dump all the pickles out of a jar, insert this thing, and then put all the pickles back? Sometimes I wonder about myself, athough it really would be unlike me to do that. Oh, and everybody keeps their empty thermometer cases too, right? A minature Spiderman? Odd lids that I have no idea what they would fit! A box of crayons from one of the restaurants. Now that I can pass on to Ethan. Why do I have a box of the old type fuses, you know, the kind that screw in??? Oh and let's keep that package of flower freshen stuff that you mix in the vase when you get flowers in order to make them last longer. What flowers did I NOT use it in???? Now the scoop is a little more understandable, but I got rid of it too.

Y'all might need to pray for me from time to time!

Yes, I did all this just because of this

and I feel good about it.

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