Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Birthday again!!!!!

Although we celebrated Lonny's birthday yesterday, he also shares that day with his sister, Lisa (2 yrs difference) and a cousin Jonathan (3 years and 10 minutes be exact). Interesting don't you think?

We were gong to have a little party for Lisa today because her hubby, Danny had to work yesterday. Things didn't exactly work out as planned but she did manage to get her presents....thats really all she cares about anyway...LOL!!!

Ethan is going to "help" her (after all she is 35 now).

He insisted she close her know in case she can see through the paper and all!!

Woo Hoo!! A teacup and saucer, with flowers and the month of June on it.
Surprisingly we found this at a yard sale just in time for her birthday.
It was left in my bag and I figured she had forgotten about it so I thought
it would be a great gift for Ethan to give her.

Oh, what can it be????

She loved it!!! Oh I'm so glad. It was one of those gifts
your just a little unsure about.

Is she going to like this one?

She looks a "little" excited about it, don't you think?!!

I did make her a birthday cake, but we went flea marketing and I didn't get a chance to put icing on it and by the time we got back she had to leave because her and Danny were going out for supper.

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